How We Are Making A Difference For Our Fire Departments

My Fire Department Store Entry

We listened to our fire departments and heard that the buying process for gear was unnecessarily complex. So, we launched the first “My Fire Department” application to better serve our partners. My Fire Department provides our partners the opportunity to have their own department specific store with their approved gear and station wear available for easy access and ordering. Just select and click!

It eliminates unnecessary steps and cost by reducing the need to search through our store to find what you need or what is approved for you to purchase. Instead, you will be directed straight to your personalized My Fire Department page with your personalized catalog of the gear, station wear, boots, helmets etc. approved specifically for your Fire Department.

Questions: Call 512.490.1480 9:00 to 5:00 pm CST or email

Fuego Fire Center Services:

We offer so much more than products

We are the top US ISP Provider for Name Plates, Company IDs tags and SCBA identifiers or every major brand of equipment including Morning Pride, Globe, Lion, Innotex, Firedex, Lakeland or others if you can provide us the dimensions.

Fuego Fire Center also offers standard NFPA Advanced Cleaning & Inspection Services providing fire departments a state-of-the-art advanced inspection, cleaning and repairs experience that meets all the state requirements to help protect firefighters from future health risks while also lowering replacement rates and associated costs.

We also do Repairs and Alterations keeping your gear in safe serviceable condition. You’ll save BIG TIME by altering turnout gear as opposed to purchasing new gear. The UL certified seamstresses and inspectors for Fuego Fire Center are as highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience.

My Fire Department Actions

Join the Newest Innovation in Fire Department Support Delivery

1.Enter Fire Department Keycode

Click here if you know your department key code and want to shop your full catalog of gear, station wear, boots, helmets etc. that has been approved specifically for your My Fire Department.

2.Request My Fire Department Key Code from Your Admin.

Click here contact your administrator to get the key code for your fire department.

3.Contact Us to request information on a becoming a member of My Fire Department.

Click here if you want to request information on becoming a member of My Fire Department with Fuego Fire Center and enjoy the benefits of having the full specialized catalog of the gear, station wear, boots, helmets etc. that have been approved specifically to meet your firefighters needs.