Personalized Name Panels, Tags & Patches Details


The National “Go To” Provider

We are a top US ISP Provider for Name Plates, Company IDs tags and SCBA identifiers for every major brand of equipment including Morning Pride, Globe, Lion, Innotex, Firedex, Lakeland (can be customized on supply of correct dimensions). The seamstresses and inspectors for Fuego Fire Center are highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience. Knowing the vital importance of reliability, we are NFPA1851 certified annually by UL, Underwriters Laboratories, the recognized world leader in product safety and service safety testing and certification.

As for turnaround times, Fuego Fire Center has built its reputation on providing superior quality and our best in class service by eliminating the lengthy turnaround times. We strive for 48-hour weekday turnaround on our tags and panels for orders under ten units.

Questions: Call 512.490.1480 9:00 to 5:00 pm CST or email

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More Than Personalized Name Panels, Tags & Patches Details

The Fuego Fire Center team are highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience. Using this experience we are now often asked to perform Customized Manufacturing for firefighters across the country. Several are well known including our children’s bunker gear set, turnout festival bags/koozies and our Fuego winter coats. In short, if you’re interested in us making something unique, send us an email and we can make it happen. 

One of our most popular products are our Backpacks and Bags which has spawned our successful Fuego Texas Proud line of products. We offer a wide variety of bags made of Canvas, Nome and even upcycled “fire tested” bunker gear (with a percentage of our profits going to firefighter cancer research).

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Our Tag & Panel Offerings

Leaders in the Field

1. Name Panels

Name Plates & Butt Tags are a best seller for us. The Morning Pride patch is 15.75" X 4.5 inches, the Globe patch is 19.25" X 6.5" and has a round taper. The Lion's patch is 18" X 5" and is angular tapered. We can do Innotex, Firedex, Lakeland, or any other brand, provided you can give us the dimensions and any special snaps information at checkout.

2.Helmet & Company ID Tags

The Helmet & Company ID is 2" 3M Scotchlite letters set on black kevlar/nomex. You can request 2 to 5 letters. All you need is some contact glue, set the loop side on the helmet with the contact glue and set the hook side with the letters on top and you have a great company ID.

3.SCBA Tags

SCBA Identifiers come in Black Kevlar/Nomex, with black nomex thread. These go where any firefighter goes. Two sizes available that work on most SCBA straps, a large 8" X 4.5" with 3 inch letters or a small 7.5 X 3.5 with 2 inch lime letters. Maximum 5 letters/numbers.

4.Arm Bands

Turnout Gear Arm Band for Safety Officers, Instructors or other specialty operations staff. Readily identify all company members at an incident.

4.Kids Bunker Gear with an optional Personalized Name Pane

Many Firefighters will tell you that they wanted to be a Firefighter since they were 10 years old. So we made a series of Kids Bunker Gear in kevelar/nomex with/without liners for this audience. These are tough, durable, hand made in the USA. No wonder they have become a best seller!

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