Embroidery & Print Services


We are dedicated to the betterment of the fire safety industry.

Fuego Fire Center is viewed by many as one of the pioneers of the fire equipment and services industry. Our newest division came directly out of requests from our customers to provide embroidery and personalization services utilizing the latest techniques, based on our strong national reputation as the best service provider in the USA. No more long waits for orders to be fulfilled or having to work with multiple partners as a busy firefighter, you don’t have time to run to the tailor or embroidery shop. As we have launched these offerings, we have focused on what is important to our brave men and women on the front line and launched a variety of embroidery, screen print, heat press and personalization options specifically for fire departments.

Questions: Call 512-490-1480 9:00 to 5:00 pm CST or email info@fuegofirecenter.com

We provide a broad range of expert embroidery services by utilizing a range of professional Embroidery Techniques to deliver exceptional results every time right from the embroidery design artwork process through to the embroidered finished product.

For a durable and affordable approach to add simple Fire, EMS or Wildland titles to shirts, jackets or caps. We offer both reflective and non-reflective heat solutions for permanent transfers that won’t peel or fade away.

Our screen-printing offering is available on firehouse polos, t-shirts, gear bags and outwear. It’s a great solution if you are looking for something more economical than embroidery, and available for almost any design and clothing material and we do most small runs within a couple of days.

Quickly identify your gear with a design, lettering or both done with embroidery or a hear press offering. We can also embroider your cap on the front, back, strap or in all three places.

We can add your firehouse name strips to your new uniforms in a variety of colors. We embroider all of them in-house, so we can deliver them to you even faster. We offer a specialized service for our My Fire Department customers.

Through our strategic partners we can help you find the perfect and most economical products to fit your next event, award presentation, internal thank you or retirement party. We provide many choices to our customers from fire duckies, to hydrant water bottoms, to department coffee mugs.