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We are dedicated to the betterment of the fire safety industry.

Fuego Fire Center is viewed by many as one of the pioneers of NFPA 1851 and related fire services. We have continued to work tirelessly to gain true understanding of what is important to our firefighters on the front line and launched a variety of gear delivery options along with specialized offerings around decontamination, repair & alteration services and personalized tags. When you marry the experience of our seamstresses, UL’s verification and our leadership team you find a company with the latest techniques and a strong national reputation as the best service provider in the USA.

Our NFPA 1851 services provide fire departments a state-of-the-art advanced inspection, cleaning and repairs services that meets all the state requirements to help protect firefighters from future health risks while also lowering replacement rates and associated costs.

Keeping your gear in safe serviceable condition. You’ll save BIG TIME by altering turnout gear as opposed to purchasing new gear. The UL certified seamstresses and inspectors for Fuego Fire Center are as highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience.

We are a top US ISP Provider of name plates, company IDs, tags and SCBA identifiers for every major brand of gear including Morning Pride, Globe, Lion, Innotex, Firedex, Lakeland or others if you can provide us the dimensions.

When standard cleaning cannot render gear clean enough to reenter service. Our proprietary formula can handle the toughest decontamination cleaning jobs caused by fuels, tar, oils, paint, resins and other harmful contaminates.

Our customers needs are our top priority. After years of experience and careful listening, we have four Services to provide the best in class service by eliminating unnecessary steps, cost and the lengthy turnaround times for gear. We hope you agree and it keeps you coming back.

Your questions and comments are important to us. Live chat with us via the link, call us, or email here for the information you need. If you have a general product question, please include an item number and description when possible.

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