NFPA Advanced Cleaning & Inspection

NFPA Advanced Cleaning & Inspection

The Leader in NFPA1851 Services Since Their Inception.

Based in Austin since 2001, Fuego Fire Center is Texas owned and 100% committed to superior quality, customer service and value. Knowing the vital importance of reliability, we are NFPA1851 certified annually by UL, Underwriters Laboratories, the recognized world leader in product safety and service safety testing and certification. Our inspectors and seamstresses at Fuego Fire Center are highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience. When you marry the experience of our seamstresses, UL’s verification and our leadership team you find a company with the latest techniques and a strong national reputation as the best service provider in the USA.

Our NFPA 1851 (2014 revision) services provide fire departments a state-of-the-art advanced inspection (including a complete liner inspection), cleaning and repairs that meet all state requirements while also lowering replacement rates and extending the useful life of the gear. Most importantly to us, do everything possible to remove any smoke deposits and condensed residue that risk firefighters secondary exposure to cancer causing chemicals and future health issues.

Fuego Fire Center has built its reputation on providing best in class service by eliminating the lengthy turnaround times for gear and pioneering our “Consecutive Shift to Shift” offering versus the Extended Model utilized by the majority of our competitors. Although we offer both services, Fuego Fire Center found that our shift to shift model offers our departments quicker, less disruptive and more detailed reporting for their NFPA Services. We focus on one department at a time, providing in-depth reporting and record keeping on findings for every set of gear and our delivery of quicker turnaround times. With Fuego Fire Center you will enjoy less visits or long waits!

Other Relevant Service Offers:

More Than Safety Testing, Cleaning & Inspection

We offer our Specialized Cleaning & Decontamination Services when standard cleaning cannot render gear clean enough to reenter service. Our proprietary formula can handle the toughest decontamination cleaning jobs caused by fuels, tar, oils, paint, resins and other harmful contaminates.

Fuego Fire Center also offers Repairs and Alterations keeping your gear in safe serviceable condition. You’ll save BIG TIME by altering turnout gear as opposed to purchasing new gear. The UL certified seamstresses and inspectors for Fuego Fire Center are as highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience.

The Four Service Models for Gear Delivery

We take a different approach, for quicker, faster turn arounds

Our customers needs are our top priority. After years of experience and careful listening, we have launched four approaches to provide the best in class service by eliminating unnecessary steps, cost and the lengthy turnaround times for gear. We hope you agree and it keeps you coming back.

1. Service Center Drop-Off

Drop off your gear at our Austin service center for accelerated NFPA services, repairs and alterations. Find us here.

2. Central Texas Gear Collection & Delivery

Within two hours of our Austin service location (including San Antonio) we provide a local pick-up and delivery service for cleaning, inspection and repair (minimum of 10 sets). This service is particularly popular with the 48/96 shift departments which are widespread in this area.

3. Ship to Our Service Center

Most common approach for our clients across the nation, volunteer fire departments and smaller orders. Our customers ship us the gear and we return it once the services are complete. Simply fill out and print the form and send us your gear. Alternatively, email us in the form and we can provide you a FedEx/UPS shipping label, box it up and send it in.

4. Collection & Delivery in Select Cities

Our newest delivery offering for Dallas and Houston. We offer a weekly long-distance service for Dallas (Monday to Thursday) and Houston (Tuesday to Friday) for a minimum of 10 sets. Stay tuned... more cities to come!