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We are dedicated to the betterment of the fire safety industry.

Fuego Fire Center seamstresses are highly skilled and average more than ten years of experience. Given our experience and expertise, we are often asked to create special products for fire departments across the country. Several are well known including our children’s bunker gear set, turnout festival bags/koozies and our Fuego winter coat, which we think is the warmest coat in the US! All customized items are hand made in Austin Texas. If you are interested in us making something unique, hit the following link and let us know what you want us to hand make for you.

Take a look at some of our specialized hand made products and learn how our remarkable seamstresses work.

We offer a wide variety of big name branded bags and Fuego Texas handmade pieces, made of canvas, nomex and even upcycled “fire tested” bunker gear. For all Fuego Texas Proud handmade bags, we donate a percentage of our profits to Firefighter cancer research.

We have made great firefighter collage shirts for children who love everything about Firefighters and then their parents wanted them to match. We also created a series of 9 oz. canvas duct, rugged, bronze/khaki shirts with firefighter style pockets large enough for big cell phones, trimmed in a firefighter collage.

The best winter coat is made in Texas! Outstanding warmth made like a firefighter Turnout Jacket with heavy duty zipper, Velcro storm flap, storm collar, 8, yes 8 pockets, 6 external, 2 internal, and water resistant and a nice thermal liner. Comes in multiple colors with a reflective trim option.

Our clientele are always looking for a little fun and we have the products to help. We both purchased and created a wide range of gifts and novelties for firefighters and their friends!

Click here it complete a form to have us create a customized product for you.

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